BREAKING NEWS: Popular WWE Diva Set To Quit Professional Wrestling For Motherhood – Guess Who?

According to a recent report, popular WWE Diva Brie Bella may quit professional wrestling soon for child bearing. She made this known during an interview session she and Nikki had with Reveal Magazine in the UK couple of weeks ago. In that exclusive interview, Nikki made a note that her former boyfriend, Dolph Ziggler told her of recent that he is still in love with her while Brie talked about her desire for a child. She mentioned that she and her boyfriend, Daniel Bryan are seriously hungry for kids and the desire is already eating deep into the fibers of the systems.

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Nikki commented on ex-boyfriend telling her that he had feelings for her on Total Divas

“It wasn’t that I was tempted by Nick. It was the thought that there are others out there that want to give you marriage and kids. With Nick it’s hard to go back once you’re over it, but it did cross my mind that someone does want to make me a wife and someone does want to make me a mother.

“Poor John was like, ‘Is there anything I should be worried about?’, I was like ‘Umm I don’t think so…’ But no, I adore John and I couldn’t imagine my life without him.”

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Brie opened up that she and Daniel Bryan are on the verge of having kids:

“I am so ready for motherhood. The hardest thing in our business is that, unfortunately, you can’t wrestle and be pregnant,” she said. “It’s this ongoing tug of war inside if I’m ready to hang up my boots and start trying.

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Then she added that she and her boyfriend, Bryan are already baby sick. She said it with so much emotion that you could feel her urge, craving, yenning and dire desire for a child. See more of her comments below:

“Bryan and I have this crazy baby fever. We are so ready for it in our lives – especially considering how we are with our dog Josie – we’re so ready for a kid. You’re going to see me battle with it next series… It’s definitely around the corner, though!”

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