COPA AMERICA 2016: See What Ronaldo Said To Lionel Messi After Been Defeated By Chile—See Full Details…

After the loss of Argentina to Chile in the Copa America 2016 Lionel Messi announced his retirement, ever since he announced his retirement he has been bombarded with messages from different sides including former players, teammate, Maradona and so many fans pleading for him not to leave.

The Real Madrid and Portugal super star Cristiano Ronaldo who has battled with Messi for the World top player of the year couldn’t hold back his word any longer came into the field in respect of Lionel Messi hoping to see him in blue and white jersey.

And Lionel Messi said: “It’s difficult. It’s a tough moment for any kind of analysis. In the locker room I thought and imagine that this might be the end for me on the national team. This isn’t for me. He said that he is done playing for Argentina following the heartbreaking Copa America loss to Chile.

Cristiano Ronaldo went ahead supporting Lionel messi saying: “Lionel Messi has made a strong and tough decision for himself which might favour him so you have to understand and accept it”. According to surveying.

Truly lionel Messi missed his penalty but that does not determine a bad player or he is the cause of the loss to Chile. I hope he returns to his National team because they all need him.