WWE NEWS: Finally WWE Secretly Unleashed The Dragon – See What’s Up With The WWE SmackDown…

It has never happened in this fashion before as the WWE would always wants to release their design to ensure that viewers get excited but this time, it was not officially introduced but viewers were privileged to peep through and catch sight with it.

You might be wondering what it is all about. It is revealed that this week’s episode of RAW show was the best of its kind ever since the history of WWE. Viewers confessed that the show was watchable as it featured lots of event matches and more and even the WWE new logo for the SmackDown was seen by who saw clearly enough through the dark.

It quite amazing as the WWE has never introduced or rather launched the logo but it has leaked wrestlezone.com reported that viewers with keen eyesight spotted a leaked logo on the longest running weekly episodic bearing the words, “SmackDown Live”. This view has arouse a discussion among the crowd that that could be the new SmackDown logo for the show.

Fans who saw it clearly enough called a dragon and many said in exclamation that the WWE has unleashed the dragon for the SmackDown secretly because it was not officially disclosed to the public. The picture below unveils what the people saw. Now, the question now is Are the WWE doing it completely unintentionally, or are they doing it by design? Who knows?