WWE NEWS: Roman Reigns’ Family Talks About His Behavior — See What They Said…

WWE has come up with lots of tag teams and in a specific note, The Usos happens to be one of the best of the tag teams in the WWE. The Usos are twin just like the Bella twin, and they respect and trust themselves very much.

Only few among the WWE Universe has the knowledge that Roman Reigns is the Usos cousin and again because they are not showing in that much while in the ring, so many folks has thought that these superstars are very far from each other. Roman Reigns happens to be from a wrestling family surrounded by top wrestler such as The Rock and so many other wrestling legends.

The Usos has been privileged to take up the tag team championship title which lasted with them for some time before finally losing it. Their last match, the face off with for Heath Slater & Rhyno for the SmackDown at No Mercy contending for the SmackDowm Live tag team championship title.

it is revealed that days before they challenged Heath Slater & Rhyno for the SmackDown Tag Team Championship at No Mercy this Sunday, The Usos comment on their shift in attitude, their family pride and the WWE Universe’s feelings about their cousin, Roman Reigns. It was a shocking statements as seen in the video below: