WWE NEWS: The Undertaker Dies Out Of WWE Draft List – See Details…

Having introduced the general manager of RAW and of Smackdown to be Mick Foley and Daniel Bryan, the WWE will get much interesting. The Draft is not quite long now soon it shall visit us and we hope to see more things on that day.

The show has been programmed to happen for three hours; the WWE has announced the rules for the show with Raw set to get the first pick, and 3 picks for every 2 procured by WWE SmackDown Live. The time length of the show did violates the normal 2 hours of SmackDown Live!
More so, even as preparations are being made for the event, there are some top superstars who won’t be at the show and as it is revealed, the persons of Triple H and The Undertaker won’t be showing up in the Draft.

Allwrestlingnews.com reported that The Undertaker has reportedly told people that he has wrestled his last match for the WWE and would not be performing again. This follows rumours of The Undertaker being asked to lose to Shane at Wrestlemania 32 which has cause the quarrel between Vince and The Undertaker.

On Triple H’s path, words have not been heard as to why he will be missing out of the show. Ever since Triple H lost to Roman Reigns, he has not been seen in the ring but now it seem that he may return because he may likely be chosen by his wife Stephanie McMahon as the manager of the RAW show.