WWE NEWS: WWE Superstar Returns To The Ring After Being Released In 2009 – See Details…

We have said this often times and will repeatedly and continuously say it over and over again that the WWE is a world of no none sense. Nobody messes with the WWE and go scot free, it has never happened; it is either you are suspended or you are released from the company.

The former WWE Tag team Champion Brian Kendrick who was released in 2009 made his return to the ring in the global Cruiserweight Classic. According to wrestlinginc.com, Brian Kendrick was recently interviewed by WWE. The reason for the interviewed was to promote the novel tournament. During the interview, Brian Kendrick was asked so many questions as usual.

When asked about his release from the company and his sudden return, Brian Kendrick narrated and said: “When I had the world in my hands, I let it slip through my fingers because I was busy patting myself on the back. I was released because I was an animal, and deservedly released. To have a second chance, it gives me a new lease on life because without wrestling, I’m just living. I’ve been wrestling since 1999 consistently, and it’s all leading up to this moment right now. If I fall short, then I guess that’s my life, falling short.”

It is revealed that the main reason why Brian Kendrick was released from the WWE in the first place was because he was repeatedly tested and the test kept on resulting positive for marijuana and this became a burden for the WWE, so to ease this burden, they had no other choice than to release him from their rooster and sent him packing.

Furthermore, Brian Kendrick has wrestle in some many wrestling companies which include TNA, ROH, and NJPW and is a former TNA X Division Champion. Brian Kendrick has also achieved a lot as a wrestler he won Tag team Championship in several wrestling promotions together with Paul London.