WWE NEWS: Other WWE Talents Not Happy With Sasha Banks – See Reasons…

Sasha Banks has gained haters from her recent WWE promo on Monday night RAW. On the last episode of the WWE Monday night RAW, Sasha Banks came to present to some news to the WWE Universe.

Before the RAW show, Sasha Banks did posted on twitter that she will be coming to the show to make some crazy bad news and this has caused suspense in the heart of fans and even officials alike not knowing what she has got to tell the Universe. We reported earlier that her speech sounded like a retirement speech from the beginning which caused great fear in the hearts of fans.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, this promo was not well received by the talent backstage. Report states that the reason for this is because, it was said that the common sentiment backstage was that the tone was set in the Daniel Bryan retirement speech tone, and was used to set up a bad angle.

Furthermore, the Observer said that a veteran talent mentioned Edge’s retirement speech, and another name mentioned was Tyson Kidd, who met with a life-threatening injury. One of the reasons is also stated due to the fact that Bryan and Tyson Kidd are both extremely well-respected personalities backstage. It is revealed here that the heat is not for Sasha Banks herself but on WWE Officials and the creative team.