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The WWE SummerSlam is one big event where everything are done in accordance and to make sure the event gladdens the heart of the viewers, the WWE officials engage themselves in concrete planning. To enable the success of the match, the company gives a remarkable and proper sideline to top stars and make sure that the matches features top superstars.

Brock Lesnars opponent was announced to be the Viper Randy Orton at the SummerSlam event but this is not the only plan of the company for the event, there are more and lots of events matches in stock for this year’s SummerSlam event. With the ongoing plan of the WWE, one can clearly states that the SummerSlam event is getting even bigger than before.

Lately, we received rumors from which stated that WWE is set to make this year’s SummerSlam a huge success. Apart from the announced Viper vs Beast match, which is making rounds in the social media currently, WWE has three huge matches planned for the event. Three matches including The Beast vs The Viper will make the match a great deal.

It is revealed that there will be a revenge match which occurred from the WWE Money in The Bank PPV involving Seth Rollins against Roman Reigns this is if Dean Ambrose lost his WWE World championship title at the WWE Battleground. Another huge match is the match John Cena in a revenge match which occurred at the MITB PPV.

Furthermore, the third huge match that was rumored is the match between; Sasha Banks against the women’s champion, Charlotte. There have been a form of rivalry among the both Divas and featuring in this year’s Summerslam will really prove their worth. It is will be of great delight to fans if Sasha eventually wins the match.