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Becky Lynch Secrets is now a matter worthy to be discussed with this recent development where Becky Lynch categorically said things she didn’t like about the Seth Rollins relationship.

Back in 2013, Becky Lynch signed with the WWE and started competing for the NXT brand. She had a decent run in NXT and it helped her become who she is today.

Her call-up to the main roster happened in 2015 alongside Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks. Below are three important things you probably didn’t know about Becky Lynch. Let’s call this:

Becky Lynch 3 Secrets and Lifestyle

#1 She Wrestled All Over The World Before WWE

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She was already making waves way before she came to WWE

Before she came to the WWE in 2013, Becky had already competed around the world beforehand. The WWE talent gets to travel all around the world and they get to do that a few times a year.

Becky had already accomplished some of that early in her career. She did tours of Japan and had competed in the American independents as well. She wrestled for promotions such as Queens of Chaos (France), German Stampede Wrestling (Germany) and plenty of the best the United Kingdom has to offer.

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Becky is a former Queens of Chaos World Champion and Supergirls Heavyweight Champion as well. She got even better when she started competing for promotions such as Shimmer and Canada’s SuperGirls wrestling. Hopefully, one day Becky will be able to add more to her impressive resume.

#2 She Briefly Retired

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Becky Lynch Is Currently NOT Happy With Seth Rollins Relationship…

Becky Lynch is without a doubt, one of the best women’s wrestlers currently. She’s worked hard enough and has won over many of the fans of Pro Wrestling. But wrestling fans would probably not heard of the Irish Lass Kicker had she decided to hang her wrestling boots.

Back in 2006, under the name of Rebecca Knox, was just getting her career off the ground when she suffered a nasty head injury. While wrestling in Germany, she wrestled a wrestler named Kisu. Kisu was very inexperienced at the time. It’s unclear what move Kisu did, but she landed on Becky’s head really badly.

Becky Lynch

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It opened up a nasty wound and doctors believed Lynch could’ve had brain damage. She damaged her eighth cranial nerve, which left her out of action for quite a while. It would be about five years until Becky finally stepped foot back into a wrestling ring and she’s gone on to have a really great career since then.

#3 She’s worked as an actress before

She was in an episode of ”Vikings”

During her time away from Wrestling, Becky tried out a bunch of different careers and ended up acting for a little bit. She was apart of a few plays but her most notable work was a stuntwoman on History’s Channel Vikings.

Becky Lynch Rebecca

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It’s basically if Game of Thrones had a kid, this show would be it. Minus the Dragons and White Walkers. It’s a very popular show that you should check out.

She was great in the ring, so being a stuntwoman came very easy to her as she knew what to do. Technically in a way, all wrestlers are stuntmen or women doing it for the appreciation of the fans.

Why else would you be crazy enough to do that to yourself? She was apart of a lot of the major action scenes the show had early on. She will forever be apart of the TV show Vikings as a stuntwoman and briefly shown on the show.