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35-year-old bodybuilder and WWE ambitious wrestler Ghent Wakefield died after addiction to muscle building insulin, The WWE wrestler in the making and gym-fanatic was found dead at his home in Tunstall, just a while ago.

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The 35-year-old bodybuilder who aspired to become a pro wrestler may have died after using diabetics’ insulin to gain muscle, an inquest heard. Reports says Ghent was found dead at home in Tunstall, Staffs in December when he wasn’t picking his calls.

An inquest into the 35-year-old’s death heard how his dreams of becoming a WWE wrestler in the US had been destroyed after he tore his biceps.

Ghent Wakefield 35 YEARS OLD was found dead at his home in Tunstall

And while medics had been unable to establish an exact cause of death, one theory is that Ghent’s use of insulin to improve his bodybuilding had possibly resulted in a fatal collapse.

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Dad David Wakefield, of Stafford, said Ghent had ruptured his biceps around five years ago while wrestling and confirmed his son had gone on to sue the NHS.

Ghent had claimed a contract offer to wrestle had been ruined. He had alleged if his injury had been treated correctly, he would have fully recovered.

David told the inquest: “He got caught on the ropes and tore the ligaments. He was advised by the hospital they would knit back together, but they never did.

“He did carry on after the injury, but was not able to build the biceps up and get the figure he wanted. He couldn’t carry on wrestling.”

The inquest heard how Ghent did receive a “substantial” payout following his complaint, with friends revealing how he was investing the money, planning for his future, and had also completed an HGV driving course.

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But he had used steroids to enhance his physique before turning to insulin in an effort to boost his muscle mass and improve his work rate in the gym.

Bodybuilder Ghent received a ‘substantial’ payout from the NHS over alleged botched treatment

A theory into Ghent’s death suggests that he had taken fatal levels of insulin
Ghent’s body was found at home on 14 December after a woman he had been dating became concerned when he stopped replying to her messages.

Friend Robin Burton posted a note through his door asking for one of Ghent’s housemates to check on him.
Neighbour Karl Shield contacted the landlord who gained access to his room where they found his body.
Pal Chris Hoole said: “Before the injury, he’d received an offer to wrestle in America.

“He always thought he was destined for some level of greatness – and it was taken away from him.”
North Staffordshire coroner Ian Smith delivered an open conclusion. He said: “We don’t have a cause of death.

“I can’t say it was drugs or natural causes – it would be wrong to pick one.
“I think the strongest possibility is the abuse of insulin, but we will never know for sure.”