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Lacey Evans Bikini photo

‘The Lady of NXT’ Lacey Evans’ personal life has been one of struggle and hustle, the thin and the fat and all sorts.

Lacey Evans was born on 24 March 1990 in Georgia USA. Her real name is Macey Estrella and she is also known as ‘The Lady of NXT’ due to her popularity.

On the December 17, 2018, episode of Raw, Evans was announced as one of the six NXT superstars that are about to be moved to the main roster to “shake things up”. She was announced alongside some more established and well-known superstars who are ready to rip up the main roster with their talent.


Evans has a rising career in sports entertainment as an already-signed WWE talent and she has an amazing personal life that includes a thriving marriage with her husband who she’s been with for 13 years and a four-year-old daughter.

Evans, 27, is in many ways living the quintessential American dream. But it was a very harsh road to success, read on to find out how she managed to get here.

#4 Lacey Evans had a rough childhood


Lacey Evans Lady of NXT

From a rough childhood to Lady of NXT

Evans was raised in a home that was dominated by depression and drug as well as alcohol abuse. Her own father wanted to become a wrestler but never managed to pursue it, and even before she got her tryout with the WWE he had overdosed on drugs and passed away.

She and her siblings often faced trouble with law enforcement and found themselves living in tents. Evans decided to take things in her own hands.

“This is the life I saw and I knew I would never become that,” Evans said. “While everyone was giving up around me, I had to make sure I didn’t.”

Lacey Evans bikini

Lacey Evans took control of her life even though it meant a lot of hard work and sacrifice. Lacey Evans first job was at the age of 14, washing dishes. During high school, she decided to take up wrestling and was crowned State Champion. After high school, she worked as a nursing assistant.

“I never quit,” she said. “I had to live in my car one time in this whole process and I hated every minute of it because that’s what I came from. But I had to. But that was alright because I knew I could [do it].”

#3 ‘The Lady of NXT’ Lacey Evans served in the military

The Lady of NXT Lacey Evans

Lacey Evans is a former U.S. Marine and member of the Marine Corps Special Reaction Team

Evans is a former U.S. Marine and member of the Marine Corps Special Reaction Team which is almost equivalent to a civilian SWAT team. The training for such a field is quite intense and requires a lot of patience.

She enlisted at age 19 and served for five years, and managed to obtain a bachelor’s degree and started her own construction business while on active duty.

Evans excelled in the army from the very beginning and was the company’s highest ranked shooter when she graduated from boot camp. She left the military after five years, and she had already gotten to the rank of sergeant by then showing her capability in the army.

This shows her dedication to whatever she does, and has managed to turn her eye towards wrestling well and keeps getting better day by day.

#2 Lacey Evans first wrestling match was in the military

Lacey Evans has come a long way

Lacey Evans has come a long way

The most interesting thing about her military career was that it led to her wrestling career. Just like many other wrestlers who served in the military before and got some training through their experience there, Evans did so too.

Estrella was introduced to wrestling while in the Marines through a staff sergeant who promoted independent shows on the side. Her first wrestling match was when he invited her to a show and then booked her to wrestle him in the main event of the second show she attended.

She lost that match and says that it was one of the most difficult matches she has had, he was a 250 pound active Marine. The inter,gender match still gave her a lot of experience.

Lacey Evans enjoying her family time with her husband and daughter

Lacey Evans enjoying her family time with her husband and daughter, Summer

“Probably one of the hardest matches I’ve ever had. He was a big man,” said Evans, breaking into a slight grin. “I did not win.”

#1 Lacey Evans is a super-mom!

Lacey Evans spending some quality time with her daughter

Lacey Evans spending some quality time with her daughter

After the trauma of her own mother leaving her at the tender age of 10, Evans has not forgotten the importance of giving time to family and keeps her daughter involved in her world and keeps herself engrossed in what her daughter needs from her.

She and her husband started dating when she was 14, and would eventually end up getting married. They have a daughter named Summer.

She tries to keep her daughter involved in support groups and causes dedicated to mental health, addiction and the homeless.

Lacey Evans enjoying her family time with her husband and daughter, Summer

Lacey Evans enjoying her family time with her husband and daughter, Summer

Lacey even managed to find her daughter a school that works with her schedule! “Thursday evenings when I pick her up from school, her bag’s already packed and I take her with me to the shows. We’ll do homework backstage and do what she needs to do.”

Not only this, Evans still manages the construction company she started when she was 22. How’s that for a super-mom?