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things about WWE Star Mandy Rose

Mandy Rose, real name Amanda Rose Saccomann, is one of the newer divas that has come to play in the ring and is also one of the heaviest hitters around despite the fact that she’s been seen as one of the heels and is also someone that tends to lose a lot at this point.

Thankfully that doesn’t mean much in the WWE since depending on how a person performs and what kind of reaction they get from the crowd it’s always possible that they might start seeing a bit more success and attention thrown their way.

At this point Mandy Rose is one very popular star in the WWE Women division, but in the future if she continues with the company it could be that she might start getting more and more opportunities.

Here are a few things about Mandy Rose you might not have known.

#i. Mandy Rose signed to the WWE in 2015

Mandy Rose Officially Dating WWE Wrestler

Compared to a few of the women on the roster she hasn’t been there quite as long, but seeing as how various female performers in the WWE have been retiring in the last several years Mandy and several of her co-workers are rising quickly to take their places.

#ii. Apparently her childhood nickname was Hamburgers

Mandy Rose Beautiful

Mandy Rose WWE Star easing herself after body fitness

Let’s look at it this way, if everyone had to explain their childhood nickname only a certain percentage would find that they had to tell a very short story to get their point across. Obviously her name had something to do with hamburgers but you might have to ask her for the real meaning if you wanted to know.

#iii. Mandy was on season six of Tough Enough

Alexa Bliss meets Paige Mandy Rose Sonya Backstage WWE RAW

It’s funny but a lot of fans probably remember when Tough Enough started if they’ve been watching the WWE long enough, and it’s just about as brutal now as it was back then. The reason behind this of course is that the wrestlers have to know just what to do so they’re not hurting each other in the ring by accident.

#iV. Mandy has been a fitness competitor for a good number of years.

Taking a look at her pictures you can tell that she’s been keeping in shape and taking care of herself for years now. Fitness competitions are even more intense than wrestling matches if you’ve ever seen one, so it’s obvious that she’s had to keep herself in great shape in order to compete.

#V. Carmella has accused her of being unsafe in the ring

Carmella vs Mandy Rose

Marc Middleton of Wrestling Inc. did indicate that Carmella had deleted her tweet to Mandy, but as we all know at this point there’s nothing that gets permanently deleted off of the internet unless it’s done so by someone that has that kind of clout. Plus, there aren’t a lot of accusations that sting as much as calling another wrestler ‘unsafe’ when they’re in the ring, as it’s a point of pride for many of them that they know how to conduct themselves during a match.

#Vi Mandy Rose net worth is around $13 million

Mandy WWE Star

Mandy Rose WWE Star easing herself after body fitness

The net worth of Mandy Rose is said to be about $13 million, which is not too shabby for such a young woman who only recently was signed to WWE.

This might sound kind of low considering that she’s a WWE star, but if you look at what they get paid and how their contracts are written up you might not be too surprised. Plus, they don’t get paid the same as movie actors despite the fact that they do need some on screen ability.

#Vii. Mandy Rose is an animal rights activist.

On top of all that she is the type that will go out and educate people on animal rights and how to keep from needlessly harming unwitting animals.

It could be interesting to see how far she goes in the WWE.

#Viii. Mandy Rose Dating Life

Mandy Rose and new Boyfriend kissing Michael Lubic

Though Mandy Rose has a thrusting attitude inside the ring, she is too soft in her personal life. Talking about Mandy Rose dating life, she has a boyfriend with whom she has been dating for long years. So, who is Mandy Rose boyfriend?

Mandy Rose once dated Michael Lubic. They began dating each other since 2010. Yes, you got it right! Mandy Rose and her boyfriend, Michael Lubic dated each other for seven long years. She posts the pictures of her boyfriend and herself most often on her Instagram.

Now reports have it that Mandy Rose and Tino Sabbatelli are dating.

Mandy Rose and Tino Sabbatelli dating is something that’s coming as a shock. Read full details…