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You agree with me that ever since the WWE 2K17 trailer, Bill Goldberg has been fluctuating in social media networks, he has been unstable and unpredictable. It was rumored that Goldberg will be returning to WWE soon and this news has really gone wide and vast spread.

Even though Goldberg is no longer with the WWE, he is still a co- associate. Lately, Goldberg expressed his disappointment for his last match at the WrestleMania, he said that he was very disappointed.

Just recently, Goldberg was interviewed in Stone Cold’s podcast where he poured out his heart. According to, Goldberg opened up about how he felt bad to be given preferential treatment in WCW.

He also revealed that he wanted to put over Bobby Eaton in a dark match in his hometown on his birthday during his streak, but the decision makers refused to let him do it. This was such a disappointment.

More so, Bill Goldberg discussed explained that happiness is found in doing and not merely in possessing, he said that his being in WWE was no longer fun to him. So, the reason why he left was because he feels that something is wrong with him whenever he is in WWE. It is obvious that Bill Goldberg is one of the wrestlers with the most dangerous spear. We will really miss him.