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Stephanie McMahon is married to Triple H dating back to 2003. She is the chief brand officer of WWE and serves as the on-screen commissioner of WWE’s Raw brand.

While Paul Michael Levesque better known as Triple H has been the Executive Vice President of Talent, Live Events and Creative for WWE since 2013, as well as being the founder and senior producer of NXT.

So much has been on underground between them especially as Triple H would have to face a host of pretty and tempting WWE women daily to have his work done.

Rumour is swelling that Triple H is having a relationship with a WWE NXT Star but that is yet to be confirmed now. In any case, we shall bring you updates on the matter as verified information gets to us.

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in the interim, Bray Wyatt’s wife filed for divorce alleging that he and WWE announcer Jojo Offerman were having an affair. Those accusations proved to be true, but the biggest mystery hinged upon the actual origin of Wyatt and Offerman’s romance.

And, nearly a year later, Bray Wyatt just shared the secret to courting Offerman. Kind of.

bray wyatt jojo wwe

Wyatt recently posted a photo of he and Offerman to his newly created Instagram account. The picture drew no shortage of comments, so Wyatt went out of his way to answer a prominent question.

There’s been no shortage of drama since the news of Wyatt’s divorce and affair with Offerman. Charges of the former WWE Champion neglecting child support payments in favor of jewelry and strip clubs made headlines in February, but until Wyatt’s explanation from Thursday, all has been quiet.

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This all began when Samantha Rotunda, Wyatt’s wife, made an all-too-transparent post to Instagram in 2017.

“Its quiet, kids are napping and left alone in my thoughts I realize #ihateyou …the bubbly love, the tingles, the butterflies when you walked into a room…all gone. You made not a mistake but a year and a half in the making, life-long decision, in front of the world that will forever change me and our girl’s lives.

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You were selfish; out and about with no care to who saw you two together. You hurt me, crushed me, shattered my world. YOU were my world; our world; #kingofourcastle…you lost us, our family we worked so hard to make and protect. You made a choice.

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I hate you for hurting us; in due time you’ll see what you’ve lost. I was loyal, faithful, and loved you for you not who you became. We found love when we had nothing and created a home, a family, a life together; you will never have that again.