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Alexa Bliss Mother Was Against The Idea Of Her Becoming A WWE Superstar

You may be celebrating Alexa Bliss now but unknown to many that Alexa Bliss’ mother was completely against the idea of her becoming a WWE Superstar…


During a documentary produced by the WWE, Alexa Bliss’ mother revealed that she was completely against the idea of her daughter becoming a WWE superstar.

As far as her mother was concerned, her daughter would be beaten and bruised by muscle-bound female superstars.


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She even went as far as to use Chyna as an example of the type of superstar which the WWE wanted and the type of superstar which Bliss would become victim to.

Bliss was determined to make her dream of becoming a WWE superstar a reality. In the end, it would so happen that Bliss fell into the image of what the WWE wanted their female superstars to look like and become a sensation in the women’s division.

This is something which highlights her commitment to being a superstar and changing the way in which women were perceived within the WWE.

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Before the Divas revolution began, being a woman in the WWE either meant that you were an overly muscular female or that you were someone who was there to have your sexuality exploited for entertainment.

Bliss showed that being a Diva means a lot more than that and that size does not matter when it comes to following your dreams in the WWE.