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Andrade and Charlotte Flair


The couple only recently went public about their relationship but have enjoyed sharing various snaps of them together since.

And eagle-eyed fans were quick to spot something on “The Queen’s” wedding finger – a ring.

Andrade Charlotte Flair Ric Flair and WendyCharlotte Flair and boyfriend Andrade are now ringing the marriage bell as the couple made it to see Charlotte Flair’s father, Ric for the first time.

Most boyfriends are nervous when meeting their girlfriend’s father for the first time, but spare a thought for WWE Superstar Andrade who is dating Charlotte Flair, the daughter of WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair.

Speaking exclusively to Digital Spy ahead of SmackDown Live’s debut on Fox, Andrade – who fans know for being cool, calm and collected in the ring – admitted he was nervous when he first met the Nature Boy.

Andrade and Charlotte Flair

“When we first met I was seriously so nervous – so, so nervous,” Andrade said. “Now I’m so happy. I love Ric Flair. He’s a great person with me, he talks, texts me, sometimes we have dinner. He’s great with me now.”

At first, Andrade wasn’t too keen on the idea of Ric knowing he was the man who had captured his daughter’s heart, but Charlotte assured him it would be okay.

Andrade and Charlotte Flair

“When we first started [dating] I asked Charlotte, ‘Please don’t say nothing to your dad’, and she said, ‘No it’s my dad, he won’t care’,” Andrade said.

“But I have so much respect for her dad and professional respect for what he did in this business, he’s a legend. I’m so happy.”

Andrade Charlotte Flair Ric Flair and Wendy

Andrade and Charlotte went public with their relationship on social media earlier this year, but unlike fellow Superstars Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins, their romance is yet to make it on to WWE television.

When asked if he would like to team up with Charlotte on-screen in the future, Andrade seemed open to the idea but stressed that they both have their singles’ careers to focus on first.

Charlotte Flair wwe star

“Now she is focusing on her career and I am focusing on my career,” Andrade said. “But in the future maybe we’ll be a Mixed Match Challenge team.

I know it’s a great idea. Maybe not now, maybe in a year or two years.

“I like this idea because I have a great connection with her outside the ring and inside the ring,” he continued.

Charlotte flair and Boyfriend Andrade

Charlotte flair and Boyfriend Andrade

Sometimes we work out together and when we train in the ring and talk in the ring, I feel the same connection to her as we have outside the ring.”