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Friend Encounters, Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard

Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard were guests on the latest Talk is Jericho and recalled their experiences with Dusty Rhodes as a booker.


Rhodes’ work as a booker in Jim Crockett Promotions is legendary, and Arn and Tully both worked in the territory under Rhodes.

Arn talked about Rhodes’ ideas as well as the roster he had to work with, while Tully looked back on when Rhodes initially took over as booker. You can check out highlights and the audio below:

JJ Dillon, Arn Anderson and Tully BlanchardJJ Dillon, Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard

Anderson on Dusty Rhodes’ success as a booker: “I thought just being in the ring with Dusty Rhodes was [great]. To me, I was – if he walked in this room right now, I would be as starstruck as the first time I met him.

I think that he had a lot of great ideas. And I think the biggest thing, if you tell the truth. Besides having some of the ideas he brought up from Florida from Eddie Graham, is he had the best crew ever assembled in the history of the business …

RIP To Dusty Rhodes

When you got Brad Armstrong in the first match, Tim Horner … you got Buddy Landell, you know. Who, his [career] demise was unfortunate. Which he brought on himself, he killed his own career.

But the guy was red hot. When he came to [the] Carolinas, he jumped right on the Flair thing. And buddy, Flair was god at the Carolinas at that time. You got the Midnight Express and the Rock N’ Roll Express, and all these guys came in at about a month period. Just a flood of talent.”

Dusty Rhodes NWA dancing in the ring

Blanchard on Rhodes’ booking: “[To Arn] You weren’t quite there yet when Dusty first took over the book in end of ’84.