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The New Day tag team has been one of the longest reigning stables in the WWE and as it is, fans are really very happy about them because of their in-ring skills, their use of mic and the way they make fans feel at home when they are on set for action in the ring.

Before the WWE draft was conducted, rumors have been all through that Vince McMahon and other WWE officials has in mind to separate the tag team’s stables since they have not been able to make to the top as s tag team members. But these rumors proved to be false after the brand split has come and gone without any scratch on the team mates of the New Day. At the end of the draft, we saw that they were all drafted to one brand and their chances to carry on as tag team champions increased.

On the last episode of the WWE Monday Night RAW show, we saw a match between Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows against The New Day to determine the match at the WWE SummerSlam event which is just by the corner. But painfully, an injury occurred during the match and Big E was reportedly victimized by the attack. Big E sustained an injury during the match against Gallows and Anderson and according to report; the injury seems to be some worth severe to an extent.

More so, posted the update of the injury saying, ““WWE Tag Team Champion Big E suffered an injury at the hands of Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson following their match on Raw, can confirm.”

“After Gallows & Anderson pulled Big E groin-first into the
turnbuckle at the end of a post-match brawl between Gallows, Anderson and the entirety of The New Day, the WWE Tag Team Champion was taken to the trainer’s room. He underwent several tests and medical examinations, but WWE officials did not confirm the specifics or severity of Big E’s injury at this time.”