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It was a sad day for everyone; oh yes, a sort of heavy cloud descended on everyone and ho no, it was not surprising that Triple H lost ‘The Game’ which was tagged ‘match of the night’.

It was hard to believe but true, that one of the top members of the WWE list, Triple H on a match with the Lunatic Fringe Dean Ambrose yesterday lost the game to his opponent right there on the in-ring action.

Despite the fact that Triple H has not lost his vitality, even at 46, he had been the WWE World Heavyweight Champion until the WWE Live Event in Newcastle, England, which was called ‘Match of the night’ by some kicked off.

But unfortunately for Triple H, the game ended with Dean Ambrose picking up the win through a filthy action. would you want to say, oh no? But wat could be your expectation if you lost someone who was very dear to you?

“Chyna”, (Joan Laurer) the former WWE Women’s, Intercontinental Champion and ex-girlfriend of Triple H left company after her relationship with Triple H came to an end passed away at the age of 45.

However, shortly after the match, Triple H went on to attend a Metro-DC Awards Dinner in Washington, DC on Tuesday. Workaholism.
The question now is, could this be the beginning of Triple H downfall?