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WWE Becky Lynch

WWE RAW women’s champion Becky Lynch recently did an interview with and here is an excerpt:

“I should be making more in that whole company, everybody — Vince McMahon included. I want to change the game. I want to prove that it doesn’t matter your gender, your race, your background, if you are doing the job and keeping people invested, if you are keeping people interested, then you deserve to be paid at a level higher than anybody else.

Or as high as anybody else. As high as the best of them. I look around the arenas and the majority of the people are in my shirts. The majority of people hold signs for me, so pay me as such and that will be the way it will be.”

Becky Lynch Expected to Sign New Multiyear Contract Extension

WWE Stars Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch

WWE has offered Becky Lynch a multiyear extension, according to Pro Wrestling Sheet’s Ryan Satin.

Although Lynch hasn’t formally signed the deal, Satin wrote The Man is “expected to put pen to paper soon.”

Lynch is set to wrestle Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair in a Triple Threat match for the Raw Women’s Championship at WrestleMania 35. WWE announced Monday the bout will be the pay-per-view main event.

With the official launch of All Elite Wrestling earlier this year, many fans have wondered whether other WWE veterans will follow Chris Jericho and jump ship. WWE already announced Dean Ambrose is out the door in April, though it’s unclear what step he’ll take next in his wrestling career.

John Cena, Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins

The company has a strong motivation to lock up Lynch for the long term, though.

Lynch was already gaining some steam in the fall as she prepared to face off with Ronda Rousey at Survivor Series. The SmackDown Live invasion of Raw last November, which left Lynch injured and unable to wrestle Rousey, helped elevate her into the stratosphere.

Whether it was WWE’s intention all along or the result of catching lightning in a bottle, fans rallied behind Lynch and made her one of the promotion’s most popular stars.

As much as Rousey can claim some credit for the first women’s WrestleMania main event, that historic development doesn’t happen without Lynch helping to bring the feud to a different level.

She has more than earned her inevitable pay raise.

WWE RAW star Becky Lynch new contract deal

Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins

WWE RAW star Becky Lynch brands reports of her agreeing a new deal as ‘not true’ as her contract nears expiration. BECKY LYNCH took to Twitter to label a report stating she had signed a new deal as ‘not true’.

The Dublin native’s contract expires soon and has not agreed a new one despite being one of the biggest stars in the company.

It had been reported that she had signed a $1 million per year deal last year.

Typically WWE contracts are five years long although this report never speculated on the length of her apparent one.

In any case, Lynch denied the whole thing.

She wrote: “Report not true. Haven’t signed anything new in years. Deal coming up soon.”


Ronda Rousey vs Becky Lynch

Report not true. Haven’t signed anything new in years. Deal coming up soon.
— The Man (@BeckyLynchWWE) January 10, 2020

‘The Man’ has become a huge star for the promotion.

She was part of the first all-female match to headline Wrestlemania back in April where she defeated Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair.

After the event, she reflected on her journey right to the top of the wrestling world and obstacles she has had to overcome along the way.