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The fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather is apparently becoming more real but as at now nothing has been much confirmed but the two fighters has expressed their interest in getting to the ring, most especially with the suggestion Mayweather made last week that the tendency of having a bout will absolutely happen.

As UFC manager Dana White seems to be the major block in this fight going on but McGregor is too restless and eager to try his hands against the boxing’s best.

Conor McGregor 3

If any fight would at all come up between McGregor and Floyd it must have to run through the company he’s contracted with (UFC)and as Dana White said last week if Floyd wants to fight Conor, call me Floyd.

Conor McGregor 1

The last check on McGregor appears he is really preparing towards the fight against Floyd following some of his pictures he posted on social media.