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Shame McMahon hiring Bill Goldberg to face The Undertaker on his behalf is something we never saw coming but would ultimately be a good idea if it does come true since WWE is bent on filling the AT&T stadium to full capacity.

First the return of Shane still leaves us with shock; no doubt, especially as he will be doing a deadly Hell in a Hell match against the Deadman. That would be like suicide mission. Now everyone is wondering, “How could that match work?”

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Rumor currently has started saying that Shane McMahon could hire a mercenary, hence Bill Goldberg‘s name is now bobbling again.

Still, it’s on the card and confirmed, as per

The Undertaker is in great shape, and he showed that last year by wrestling at a number of Pay-Per-Views and in some huge matches.
There’s no doubt that he will be prepared and able to go at WrestleMania 32, and likely for months or even years after it.

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Meanwhile, the big question is could Shane who has not done any wrestling in six years be able to face the Undertaker?

So a mercenary is the way out for Shane, isn’t it?

Although according to WrestleZone, Goldberg has actually not been contacted by WWE for an appearance at WrestleMania 32, but that does not mean he still could not be fixed up just before WrestleMania comes.