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Alberto Del Rio dating Charlotte was one report that should but never surfaced on any media outlet possibly because it was just a fling; a short dating.

Couple of days ago, Paige and Alberto Del Rio decided to break the internet via their grand style announcement that they were dating. After that, many things came to play as reports revealed the two love birds have been dating for a pretty while now, even before WrestleMania 32.

According to Ringside News, Alberto Del Rio dated WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte for a short while before he switched to Paige. Of course, their relationship began after Charlotte divorced her TNA husband Bram; hence she was ready for a date anyone.

The case now is; what happened that gave Alberto Del Rio the freedom to date the 23-year old Diva? How did it happen that the relationship between the 30-year old Women’s Champion and the 38-year old WWE Superstar came to an end so fast?

Hence, Ringside News has stated that the two Divas are not in good talking terms; they consider each other as enemies as Charlotte sees Paige as the woman who came to snatch her man from her.

Vince McMahon is now aware of the issue and he is planning to capitalize on it, to create an angle where Paige may end up facing Charlotte for the WWE Women’s Title down the line.