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After all struggles to fix in, it has been revealed that popular superstar will finally go on suspension based on her misconduct in the WWE which is not allowed by the policy of the company.

Bayley is finally leaving WWE for a while and would be back when the suspension is over.

The face off of Bayley vs Charlotte was indeed an amazing match as Bayley was declared the winner of the match. But along line, it was otherwise stated that the referee miscounted even when Charlotte’s shoulders was up and this has to be for another match altogether.

The last episode of the WWE Monday night RAW saw Charlotte Flair VS Bayley in the ring with Dana Brooke as an impartial referee who fast counted and ultimately handed Charlotte the win, but not before Bayley put her hands on Brooke during the match. Unfortunately for Bayley, that could be determined as putting her hands on an official and she would face consequences for her actions.

Well, the consequences for what Bayley has done may be a suspension which may last for a couple of days. Well, it was revealed that Bayley’s act was out of anger but as it is with the WWE it would not be considered as such which means, she must be suspended for couple of days or weeks.