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After much excitement and fun that had arouse from the dating relationship of former United States Champion and his beloved girlfriend, it was reported that the both couple had landed in trouble; the police got them.

Two time WWE Divas Champion Paige and her boyfriend Alberto Del Rio were confirmed arrested sometime ago which lead to the rise of many false stories in the social media network.

In June last year, Paige and her boyfriend Alberto Del Rio was reported to have been arrested over having some misunderstanding which burst out to argument outside of the Money in the Bank arena on Sunday night.

After we spoke with a source close to the ground where the incident happened, can categorically say that Paige was not arrested alongside Alberto Del Rio. In the same line, we can say that the incident does not appear to have been staged; hence speculation that it might have been something filmed for Total Divas or Swerved is not true.

Report from a very reliable source has it that “No charges were filed against Paige and she is not in the hospital; Additionally, WWE is still investigating the matter”.