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General Director Lic. Joaquin Roldan

Recent reports have disclosed that Lucha Libre AAA General Director Lic. Joaquin Roldan is dead. It was revealed that Roldan was 63 years old at the time death laid its cold hands on him.

Just for the records, AAA has been said to be the largest professional wrestling promotion in Mexico, which is closely followed by CMLL which is the other comparable company in the country.

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As a matter of fact, it was revealed by so many Wrestling companies that AAA’s General Director Lic. Joaquin Roldan, had been at the head of AAA for over two decades, has truly within the early hours of Saturday, passed on to the great beyond.

The passing away of AAA’s General Director, is been felt all over the world, fans and wrestlers are in mourning over the passing of Roldan. He was very well liked and respected by everyone he encountered. AAA posted a press release on their website.
Below is an excerpt from that release:

“Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide announces with profound sadness the death of Lic. Joaquin Roldan, General Director of the company. His death occurred during the early hours of Saturday.

Lic. Joaquin Roldan leaves an important legacy after more than 20 years at the helm of the organization and will be remembered for his great dedication and leadership.”

Though it will be almost impossible to replace General Roldan but AAA will definitely go on fine and will as well find a suitable replacement for him but that is until the time is right and appropriate for him to be replaced.

Meanwhile, his legacy will carry on throughout the next several generations to come considering how well fans adored him. Though too ban a lot of fans outside the Mexican culture are not opportune to participate in the incredible wrestling that goes on in the promotions such as AAA and CMLL. The Lucha Libre scene is incredibly strong and thriving.