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One of the unsettled moments for superstars in the WWE is the Spring Cleaning time. This is the time where superstars hide their head in worries not knowing if they will be among the superstars to be released by the company. Several spring cleaning has come and gone and lots of superstars were released as at then.

Recently, we reported that three names of top superstars has been revealed to be in the list of the superstars to be released by the WWE. As if that was not enough, reports reaching us not quite long states that two other superstars have been added to the list of superstars to be released before this year’s SummerSlam’s event show.

The names of the two are Alberto Del RIO and Ryback. The reason for this is quite cogent as it gets. Alberto Del Rio returned to WWE in less than a year and the WWE made him a well paid wrestler for. It is revealed that since his return to WWE, he has not done anything serious. Reports also states that, he is being paid a massive contract and it doesn’t seem that the WWE are getting much out of it. So, it is not wise keeping him and wasting money, the WWE has decided to release him.

Furthermore, the case of the WWE Superstar Ryback is not new as the WWE has ever longed to release him since the contract conflict he ones had with the company asking them to pay him equal amount with other top superstars which the WWE bluntly refuse. Ryback is still under WWE’s contract but it seems that his contract will surely expires soon and if it does, there will be no room for him to renew it. Alberto Del Rio and Ryback are to say farewell to WWE before SummerSlam.