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According to Ringside News, 24-year-old WWE Diva Sasha Banks has finally passed all her concussion testing after seeing her specialists few days ago.

We give it to WWE Superstar Sasha Banks, she is quite an icon in the industry. Many have rated to be among the best five; we have no issue with that, whatsoever. She is doing her thing the right way, fans are on her side and we see her seating on the throne if injury would give her a rest.

According to Ringside News, Sasha Banks went to see her doctors a little while ago and she wasn’t booked for failing any of the concussion tests — hence she would return to the ring this weekend. Prior to this very time, there were reports that the 24-year old WWE Diva suffered a concussion but could not be linked to any facts and of course if that was true, then it was not severe.

While there are chances that the WWE Diva would return to television this week, no one would say for certain if that would eventually happen except that she would be in this weekend WWE live events in Winnipeg and LaCrosse.

Also, word is already going round that WWE CEO Vince McMahon is unhappy with Banks and has described her as “injury prone” just as former WWE Champion, Daniel Bryan but findings revealed that there is nothing in that rumor as Vince has always been a great supporter of Banks rising to the top of the roster in the past year.

In line with the foregoing, there are plans for “The Boss” to become the new WWE Women’s Championship at WWE SummerSlam where she would demolish Charlotte who has been with the title for quite a while now.

Let’s see how the plan goes; keep you posted…