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LeBron James must be doing a lot of work on quite a number of Los Angeles Lakers stars

Los Angeles Lakers forward Brandon Ingram is currently living the life in LA.

Not only is the youngster playing with and learning from the very best in LeBron James, Ingram is also one of the most sought-after single guys on the market, despite the fact he has a girlfriend!

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According to Sports Gossip, Brandon Ingram has got his love life on lock at the moment, currently dating popular Los Angeles stripper Raelynn Inez.

There are multiple catches with their ‘relationship’ however, as according to Sports Gossip’s sources, Inez isn’t allowed to talk or post about Ingram publically.

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“Brandon Ingram is dating a girl named Raelynn Inez. She posts pictures of her with him on Instagram. She’s a stripper, but at least she’s not a recycled instathot. She’s posted a pic with Brandon’s shoes in the pic and a pic with half his face in it. She also has a “I” chain and she said she’s lil crip. She’s looking for attention lol she’s known in LA as a jersey chaser. How you dating a [expletive] but you can only give hints? Like taking a picture of shoes or half his face. He can’t be taking her serious.”