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WWE Superstar suspended.

The WWE staged its first ever Women’s Money In the Bank Match in the last Money In The Bank Pay Per View Series. The MITB PPV series has been promoted by the WWE for a long time and for the First time in the WWE MITB PPV history we are going to be having the WWE Divas compete for the Money In The Bank Title. It was however expected to be the greatest of its kind.

Things didn’t really go as we all expected it actually went a bit too personal. The interference of James Ellsworth actually ruined the first ever Women MITB match.

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It no longer a news that the relationship between Daniel Bryan and Carmella has been on the balance ever since Daniel Bryan discovered her Affair with James Ellsworth. But things seems to be getting worse for the couples as Daniel Bryan has announced that James Ellsworth Will be banned from the ringside next week on Smackdown.

James Ellsworth created ripples around the wrestling world when he interfered in the inaugural Women’s first ever Money In The Bank match. He scaled the ladder and brought down the briefcase and passed the briefcase to Carmella.

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Daniel Bryan stripped Carmella of the Money in the bank Briefcase and announced a rematch for the contract next week on SmackDown LIVE. The WWE Smackdown General Manager Daniel Bryan has also banned James Ellsworth from the ringside on next week SmackDown live.

Daniel Bryan has made the Money in the bank match official and has declared that he would set things right. Becky Lynch, Carmella, Charlotte Flair, Natalya and Tamina will compete for the Money In The Bank title in the match next week on Smackdown LIVE emanating from San Diego, CA.

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