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Batista has just dropped a bomb as touching Vince McMahon’s suspension on Titus O’Neil, a friend of Batista.

Shocking news going round the block has WWE CEO pinned down as a hand behind the suspension of a certain professional wrestler in WWE’s employment.

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Titus O’Neil, a former WWE employee, was said (The Inquisitr reported) to have been suspended by Triple H, but Vince McMahon was the brain behind it.

Batista, Dave Bautista, the revelator claims Vince McMahon double-dealt O’Neil by this suspension which runs on till after WrestleMania 32. This singular action will in fact make O’Neil lose big money.

Titus O’Neil was then advised by Batista to resign and offer his services where it will be needed and appreciated.

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Batista, a former wrestler, accused McMahon of being trouble- shooter. He waved off O’Neil’s action as a slip that will not occur again. The wrestler-turned had also been shown the exit when he drew blood in a cage fight with Chris Jericho.