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Brie Bella’s career has eventually come an end and the time is just on the Monday Night Raw after WrestleMania 32. reports that Brie will bow out of professional wrestling on WWE RAW show, just the night after WrestleMania 32.

Why the sudden retirement, one may ask. Well, that is all tied to the health issue that currently plagues her beloved husband.

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Just few days ago, a report came forth stating that Bryan has being withdrawn from further appearing on WWE television owing to health reasons.

In fact reported it with these words:

“Apparently Daniel Bryan’s recent WWE-related appearances have been cancelled due to a health issue he is dealing with. The same issues are what made Brie, who planned to retire over the summer, speed up her plans to hang up her wrestling boots. It was also the reason why Brie wasn’t at RAW this week.”

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Here’s reaction to Bryan’s actions this past week from

“I’m interested to see when he comes and is on the road with them again. Daniel Bryan you thought would fill these other obligations. Is it his health? Is it he wants time at home? Certainly not the best thing to say he’s taking this time off already just a month after in-ring retirement.”