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CM Punk left the company in 2014 but there may be a slight chance that he could return to WWE.

Whatever may be the storyline, it is no longer ‘if’ CM Punk will be brought back to the WWE as it is now crystal clear that his return to the company is imminent.

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In recent times, this is the first time the company will reveal anything about Punk since he left in 2014.

It came as a surprise to all and sundry seeing a video being aired by the company on its official platform. This is not far from the fact that Punk had been having series of legal battles with the WWE.

The uploaded video in question was CM Punk vs The Rock at Elimination Chamber 2013, where The Great One defeated Punk to retain his WWE Championship.

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There is high possibility that this is being done just to mock the Chicago native, but more often than not the company tends to upload videos of stars just before they return to the squared circle.

More developments would be followed on this issue over the next few days and weeks, with things like this typically spreading like wildfire throughout the WWE Universe.

If it turns out to be nothing more than a typical upload, then we can expect to see Punk step back inside the Octagon a lot sooner than he puts on a pair of wrestling boots.

Whatever be the story, one thing is now sure; CM Punk return is no longer if but when. And words from the wrestling mill has it that he just return for Money In The Bank or Summerslam.