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Jimmy Uso and Naomi have had a rough week and apparently, the husband and wife are hoping that WWE fires them for it.

There are currently all sorts of stories and rumors coming out of WWE regarding wrestlers who want to leave the company.

The Revival reportedly requested their release, Sasha Banks wanted the pair to take her with them, and Dean Ambrose will not be re-signing with the company once his contract comes to an end sometime in April.

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One of the only things we hadn’t heard so far when it comes to Superstars wanting out is any of them trying to get fired on purpose, until now. Fox News reported this week that a source within WWE revealed Jimmy Uso and Naomi want to be fired by WWE. This report comes just days after Uso was arrested in Detriot.

The WWE husband and wife were stopped by police for driving the wrong way down a one-way street. Although Naomi was reportedly driving the vehicle, it was Uso who wound up getting arrested. The situation apparently escalated and the former Tag Team Champion allegedly removed his jacket and shirt and squared up to an officer as if he was readying for a fight.

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We can’t imagine Naomi and Uso acted the way that they did just to anger WWE, but if they do want out of the promotion, this would have certainly helped. Just days prior to the incident, rumors were circulating that The Usos would not be signing new deals once their current contracts are up. It’s assumed that they still have a lot of time left on those deals, so maybe getting fired is the only way out in the short term.

As of right now, if Naomi and Uso do want to be fired, their plan does not seem to be working. Both of them are scheduled to compete at Elimination Chamber this weekend and at the time of typing this, both of those matches remain unchanged. Jimmy and his brother Jey will take on Shane McMahon and The Miz for the SmackDown Tag Team Titles. Meanwhile, Naomi will team with Carmella for the chance to become one half of WWE’s first ever Women’s Tag Team Champions.