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WWE Just Suspended a Superstar. It is believed that the Monday Night RAW mid-carder might not have been at his best behavior following a Friday night house show in Buffalo, New York.

According to a report from Wrestling-Edge, the purported incident took place at a Buffalo strip club on Friday night when Amore, real name Eric Arndt, had an encounter with a stripper who goes by the name “Queen Bee.”

On Saturday night, the woman took to Twitter to tell the story of this encounter, identifying Amore by his ring name, and accusing him right off the bat of being “high AF,” and not having any problem smoking marijuana, as WWE’s Wellness Policy only fines talents $2,500 should they test positive for pot.

In quotes from the nightclub worker’s online rant published by Wrestling-Edge, Queen Bee described Enzo Amore as an arrogant individual who gives small tips or no tips at all, despite frequently boasting about his fame and fortune as part of WWE’s Monday Night RAW brand.

But even with their conversation getting off to an awkward start due to Amore purportedly being high, Enzo and Queen Bee reportedly began to hit it off when the woman admitted to being a WWE fan growing up in the 1980s and 1990s.

What turned Queen Bee off once again, however, was Enzo Amore’s alleged use of coarse language to describe her co-workers, and refusal to show courtesy by tipping the dancers up on stage.

“He kinda got cool and the conversation got natural. Then he said ‘the whore on stage is really earning her money’… wouldnt [sic] get up to tip.”

After Enzo Amore allegedly told Queen Bee that she was the “total package” in terms of looks, physique, and personality, he would once again make his female companion uncomfortable by reportedly saying that it’s a “shame (she) doesn’t smoke” marijuana.

With Queen Bee steering the conversation back to wrestling, she mentioned that she had once wanted to work for WWE. That, however, was when the conversation began to go south once again.

“‘How did you get into it?’ He pointed at himself. ‘Look at me. Im a rockstar. I got the look.’ Then Enzo says ‘yeah a lot of my #wwe coworkers definitely started on the pole for sure’… i told him i had to talk to the DJ and bounced.”

In conclusion, Queen Bee emphasized that Enzo Amore shouldn’t have been bragging about the small $2,500 fine he’d get if caught smoking marijuana if he wasn’t going to offer her a bigger tip, or offer any kind of tip to her co-workers.

“He just seemed full of him self [sic] and stingy. You go to the club to ball.. at least spend… not talk about ur money! Spend it! We need it lol… He literally said that verbatim about the $2500 fine for smoking. Why brag about money in a gentlemens [sic] club tho? Just getting girl attn.”