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A report just reaching us reveals that after nearly 10 years popular and former WWE legend, Kurt Angle is working on returning to do a match or more in the biggest wrestling promotion in the world. Angle has always talked about his retirement, according to him, the time for him to go on “break” from pro wrestling has come and that would be this January. He said that nearly the whole of last year until close to the breaking into a new year then he reviewed his statements and made clarifications.

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He noted that he has told TNA that he needed time from their deal to enable his body heals up from the several injuries he has sustained throughout his wrestling career. Report reveals that in 2006 when Angle retired from WWE, he was released on health issue. And soon afterwards he signed a deal with TNA. However, TNA was criticized for signing a Superstar without minding his health status.

The truth about it is, Vince McMahon allowed Angle to leave because he thought Angle would reconsider his choice and come begging with his tail between his legs but that never happened and up until date, Angle has never stepped into big toes in WWE ring.

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Angle left WWE at a time the company needed him so much; he left on a bad note. And now, he wants to return to where he began from; he wants to retire in WWE.

The possibility is there; as nearly all Superstars that left WWE on a bad note have returned at one time or the other. Even WWE legend, Hulk Hogan would someday return, Triple H stated recently. Not too long ago, Angle noted that he talked with Triple H about his return but the discussion didn’t translate to anything noteworthy but he is still confident that someday soon, he would return.