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Another big boss in the World Wrestling Entertainment is set to big the company a farewell after years of working with them.

During an interview with Newsmen, Santino Marella reveals his grand plan for retirement, to the surprise of many, he has been busy with setting up his academy training school. When asked on what led him to the initiative,

He explained the motivation behind the initiative saying:

“I knew the clock was ticking with my neck, so I wanted to have something established by the time I retired and not scramble to establish something,”

Marella said. “For the first two years, I was still with WWE and like clockwork, as soon as my contract expired with WWE, this began to stand on its own two feet, so it was perfect timing.”

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Marella has been putting up his Battle Academy training school in preparation for his retirement having calculated the time his contract with the WWE would lapsed. What a good move to prepare for the future.

Brief History

Anthony Carelli is a Canadian trainer, entrepreneur, actor, retired professional wrestler and mixed martial artist who was born on March 14, 1974 . Popularly known for his 11 year tenure in WWE, most especially while using the ring name Santino Marella. He is the founder of Canadian martial arts and professional wrestling training facility Battle Arts Academy.