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Wrestling Inc reports that the WWE former star and highly controversial Diva who later pornographic film actress Chyna was receiving medical attention which caused her to miss out of Maryland Championship Wrestling event that took place about five days ago.

Noteworthy, Maryland Championship Wrestling MCW just like World Wrestling Entertainment, WWE is an independent wrestling promotion based in the United States and Chyna a former WWE Diva was signed to perform at one of their main shows which took place couple of days ago. But as fate would have it, Chyna could not make it; as a matter of fact she cancelled out the flight tickets the Maryland Championship Wrestling company bought for her following medical reasons.

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It was reported that she could not make it for the event because she was medically knockout; an unknown ailment. The report that Maryland Championship Wrestling company got earlier was that she was likely not going to make it because he suffers from appendicitis but that was not categorically spelt out and the company thought of given it a trial before the deal finally failed.

Even though the deal was failing, the company never gave up easily on her, they did everything they could to see that she made the show but it was like pouring water on a rock; no effect.

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Chyna, Joan Marie Laurer

The Good Guy Entertainment later told Maryland Championship Wrestling that Chyna tried coming, that she even made it to the airport before she was pricked out with pain which forced her to visit a nearby hospital

In contrast, a source revealed that nothing of that such was wrong with the former WWE Diva and as a matter of fact she was reported to be active on Twitter at just about that time. And if you are one of those who don’t know anything about Chyna, she successfully caught a host of male wrestlers including Triple H, Chris Jericho and Jeff Jarrettin in her love net during her days in WWE when it was still called WWF World Wrestling Federation around 1997. However, Chyna has left “a lasting legacy as the most dominant female competitor of all time”.

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While we may be tempted to say Chyna could be possibly down with health issue, we are eternally reminded of the pathways Chyna had walked over the years vis-à-vis her relationship with Triple H and dirty involvement with the pornographic film industry.

By and large, the show went well and Maryland Championship Wrestling somehow managed to sign Billy Gunn at the last minute to replace the controversial former Diva and that draws the curtain closed.