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Former WWE Star Fired After Wrestling A Match Under The Influence Of Drug — He may not be faultless, after all…

Wrestling is better off without the drug influence, and big wrestling companies prefer not to be associated with it at all. The offence of doping is punishable by suspension, fines, or even complete termination of contract.

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The use of hard drugs is totally prohibited, whether in the ring, behind the scenes, or in the personal life of the wrestler. Reports have it that the former WWE Star, Ken Anderson, has been laid-off by TNA, for being ‘under the influence of drugs.’

In a wrestling match as an independent fighter in Scotland, Anderson had denounced TNA, and in strong words. “I don’t work for TNA anymore, so I agree with you…f*** TNA!” After the match with Eric Young was cut short, the aggrieved wrestler who still works in TNA went backstage and complained audibly about Anderson’s strange behavior. This prompted a drug test.

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A source told Pro Wrestling Sheet that TNA thinks Anderson should be treated.