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Former multi-time WWE Tag Team Champion has been knocked by another problem; this one may likely put him behind bars for

Yes, it seems as if Sean “X-Pac” Waltman is in that category of people who spend their whole life dealing with one problem or the other; as a number of demons and issues have hinged on him throughout his life,

Just last month he was arrested for drug related issue and now, he’s set to face jail trial over something he did a pretty while ago.

About 10-years ago, Waltman was reprimanded in police custody but something led to the other and he wasn’t jailed. However, in a Los Angeles court last week, Waltman was placed on warrant for a DUI arrest in 2004, and he pled no contest to avoid jail, received three years of probation and an order to complete an alcohol and drug program.

At that instance of over a decade ago, there seemed to be no problems whatsoever until it appears as if he has violated the terms of that deal because of an arrest warrant issued for him back in 2005. All that scenes were swept under the carpet until his arrest at LAX earlier this month, and it could result in X-Pac going away for a while.

“I may have to do a couple days in jail…and if that’s the case, that’s the case,” Waltman said.

Recently, just while he was speaking about his arrest and the possibility of him going to jail, X-Pac also spoke of the late Joanie Laurer aka Chyna. Yes, he noted that he wasn’t in a good relationship with Chyna for a while before death kissed her off the surface of the earth.

The two former WWE stars were in a relationship for a while and even engaged, but things ended badly between the couple.

Waltman brought up the wonderful memory of Chyna’s death and said that he was dealing with her loss and the fact they weren’t on good terms when she died. X-Pac wishes things had been better and felt they would have been that way eventually.

“Her passing away, that really, really affected me, ya know? The thing is we never got a chance to reconcile, we never made peace with each other and it really bothers me now. ‘Cuz it’s something that would have happened, if she would have lived.”