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After the celebration of 20 years of DX in WWE, one of the best ever and the greatest stables group in the history of the company, the former member of the group posted a touching tribute to Chyna.

The former member of the DX Sean Waltman popularly known as (X-Pac) posted an emotional tribute to Chyna on his twitter account. Chyna who was also among the member of “Ninth Wonder of the World” passed away last year after creating a lot of records in WWE.

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Chyna was part of the DX member popularly known as D-generation X which also had a number of prominent members such as Shawn Michaels, Triple H, and Rude were all part of the group before it was expanded and later added Billy Gunn and Road Dogg popularly known as X-Pac and the Outlaws.

While so many things might have been said about Chyna lately, one thing remains true, she is arguably regarded as the greatest WWE Women Champion who ever lived as her death still rings the bell on the mind of the WWE Universe.

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However, during her illustrious days in WWE, she had a romantic affair with Triple H and their relationship was beginning to gain substance before Stephanie McMahon came onboard; hence she forcefully left the company.

Chyna and Waltman were not able to stay in the WWE for as long as Michaels and Triple H and while a lot has been said about their relationship with the brand, the duo were also an off screen couple post their WWE days.

Waltman posted a tweet on his account and stated that Chyna was the “magic ingredient” in DX.