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According to ESPN, the Ultimate Fighting Championship is still very much for sale and the news is gaining momentum by the day.

Now a number of four bidders have been enlisted and WWE is not excluded. The first bidder being a very renowned Chinese company who could have been favored to win the company but that wouldn’t work because the company has no grounds on the American sports market. Hence, patronage from Americans would be very low.

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Shane McMahon, the heir apparent to the throne of WWE Empire has been treated from birth for opportunity such as this. Yes, he has the eye of business just like his father and so far, he has succeeded in many of the feats he has ventured into.

A pretty while ago, precisely in November 2007, WWE made quite an effort to the remains of UFC competitor, Pride Fighting Championships, from Japan’s Dream Stage Entertainment but somehow along the line, the deal didn’t fall through — Station Casinos, ran by UFC owners Frank and Lorenzo Fertita, bought the rights.

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So WWE was keen in the purchase of the world of mixed martial arts and are still keen. The real problem now is that UFC president Dana White and Frank and Lorenzo Fertita may not want to sell the company to someone who has a WWE roots.

This wouldn’t have been a problem should Vince McMahon hadn’t make his way back to the company although all reports spell it out that he is only under a performer’s contract.

This is what makes Shane McMahon a better talking head than current UFC president Dana White.

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Therefore, for Vince McMahon to be qualified to be a strong bidder as a UFC buyer, he must keep a pretty distance between himself and the World Wrestling Entertainment even though he still owns majority part of the company.

That ushers in Shane-O-Mac who has a better talking head than incumbent UFC president Dana White and reports are now saying now that Shane would leave WWE to run UFC should WWE succeed in buying UFC.

As of the now, reports say the Ultimate Fighting Championship value is dancing around $3.5 to $4 billion and that’s a pretty sum of money.

So we rest the case on this note, as the pro wrestler, the Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase used to say, “Everybody’s got a price!” let’s see whether WWE will eventually buy the American mixed martial arts promotion company or not.