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It really seems that the WWE draft has caused much harm than good to some her members. Recently, it was reported that on the 19 of July, names of eligible candidates that will partake of the draft was mentioned and each wrestler were mentioned alongside his manager. But it seems now that Paul Heyman has fallen by the way side.

The worse thing about this draft is that when a superstar’s name is not mentioned, it means that his manager will also have to follow suit with him. Now the point is that every manager’s future is determined by the stability of their client.

When the WWE mentioned superstars like Rusev, his manager, Lana was paired with him and also when The Miz was mentioned, his manager, Maryse was paired with him but when the beast, Brock Lesnar was mentioned, his manager was not seen with him and this has arouse a great speculation among the crowd asking what the reason could be.

Well, the reason why Paul Heyman’s was not seen pairing with Brock Lesnar is simply because his contract with the WWE has expired and there have been no negotiation of renewal, Paul Heyman hasn’t been mentioned in any way on television in connection to Lesnar, who was drafted to Monday Night Raw. But could this really work out, seeing a superstar like Brock Lesnsar without Paul Heyman?

More so, it is revealed that Paul Heyman’s future is at stake because his future depends on what the WWE decides to do with the Beast Brock Lesnar. This is to say that if the WWE make a negative decision pertaining Brock Lesnar’s violation of the WWE wellness policy, it means that Paul Heyman might be thought of something else in the company. That is, there is need signing in Paul Heyman to be Brock’s manager if Brock is to be pushed but if the WWE has given up on Lesnar which means that Paul Heyman will have to relax.