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Lately, after the WWE brand extension, it was announced that several superstars will be returning to the ring to be part of the draft that just took place then and a lot of names were mentioned. In the list of the returning superstars were fans favorites who left the company some many years ago due one thing or the other regarding to their career.

Yes indeed, the announcement of Shelton Benjamin who has been away from the company for 6 years now did shake the whole of the WWE Universe and beyond because Shelton Benjamin is a highly reputable wrestler. The report also states that he will be drafted in to SmackDown live rooster and many believe that he will just make the rooster stronger and hard enough. While people among the WWE Universe are still rejoicing that Shelton Benjamin is finally returning to WWE after leaving the company for six years, a contradictory message hits them.

Just yesterday, it was announced that Shelton Benjamin will not be returning to the WWE any moment from now. Shelton made the announcement using his twitter handle account to let fans know he will no longer be returning to the WWE and this is because of a torn rotator cuff, and will be needing surgery. What a misfortune!

It is clear that this was the injury the former WWE champion John Cena sustained which kept him off the ring for almost six months.
It is not new how John Cena suffered greatly during his time of injury. So, with the view which we saw of John Cena, we can vividly say that Shelton Benjamin will not be making it back to the WWE this year and even may stay off the ring till a suitable time next year pending when he recovers from injury. This means that all that have been said about him will have to wait until next year before manifesting.