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Monday Night RAW Superstar Accused Of Drug Use, Rude Behavior.

WWE super star has been accused by the company for involvement in drug abuse and violation of coming policy. The company took this decision following incident that occurred during the last Monday Night Raw which took place in Buffalo, New York at a Buffalo strip club on Friday night.

The company took this decision following accusation from a club stripper, “Queen Bee” on twitter, accusing the wrestler of involvement in drug violating activities and verbally insulting one of her co-worker at the club.

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According to a report coming from our news crew, the purported incident took place at a Buffalo strip club on Friday night when Amore, real name Eric Arndt, had an encounter with a stripper who goes by the name “Queen Bee.” On Saturday night, the woman took to Twitter to tell the story of this encounter, identifying Amore by his ring name, and accusing him right off the bat of being “high AF,” and not having any problem smoking marijuana, as WWE’s Wellness Policy only fines talents $2,500 should they test positive for pot.

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Following this incident which occurred same day with Monday Night RAW , Wrestling Observer, lament that the might cause serious blow to his carrier, though these comments centered around a recent promo where Enzo Amore said that his real life was “better than his fantasy life,” meaning that he may be having more fun partying with his non-wrestling friends in Los Angeles than toiling in the WWE locker room.
That all said, Queen Bee’s statements on Twitter are all part of the WWE rumor mill and are best taken with the customary grain of salt, as Enzo Amore has yet to respond publicly to her allegations.