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After a great fight, the WWE Superstar was was attacked and robbed immediately after his pay-per-view match on Monday.

AJ Styles who was recently defeated Kevin Owens was attacked by some hoodlums after performing at the Convention Center in Arkansas earlier this year.

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According to the report revealed to us from Kait 8 that some hoodlums stole a bag that is belonged to AJ Styles that consisted of $1,000 U.S. dollars and 7,000 Japanese yen. The robber also took his headphones, Iphone, small screen television and an XBox 360 console with video games.

AJ Styles who is a native of Gainesville, Georgia, is a long time video game fanatic. He confirmed his fondness for gaming in several interviews. In an interviews with ESPN recently, Styles says he often takes his Xbox360 with him whenever he’s on the road.

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Hence, Styles have reported the issue to the police for proper investigation but there are not a whole lot of details about the robbery, besides of what was stolen and when it happened. The report noted their requests for more information to be released were denied by Arkansas State University police, as the case is still under investigation.

However, this is the second time someone has had items stolen from them inside the convocation center while performing. Last September, members of the University of Toledo’s football team were robbed during a game in the said venue.

Hopefully those hoodlums were caught soon, and Styles can hit them with a Calf Crusher!