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Ever since the birth of the WWE, TNA has secondly collected money by illegal means from the company. TNA has stood behind the WWE undermining that they are they are the main competitors. Lots of WWE stars has ended up in TNA where they think they can have a bright career.

TNA has been in great problem these days and they no more have enough viewers by which they could make money. They have been moving backward back in 2000s when stars such as Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, and Sting were making up their stuff in the company.

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More so, there have been news all over town that the TNA company is open for sale and Dixie Carter has been looking for a good investor but even till date he has found none and so the company have to face a TV scheduled program

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Furthermore, it has been reported that the company has been thrown out of their office And they have to move to the new 25,000 sq shop where they have found their headquarters. It was said that they were forced to pack out because their lease has almost expire

Who knows what is wrong with the company? We just hope they gain their restoration soon because they are really in trouble.