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Triple H has been a role model to several hundreds of people and beyond all reasonable doubts we can all tell of his unique talents and displays. It is quite unfortunate that the contract of this superstar expires before WrestleMania.

The contract of Triple H with The WWE ends on the 31st of this month of match which is by the corner. Harrington stated that The WWE is thinking on renewing his deal but that is arguable as there is a contrary reports which states that Shane would rule WWE RAW for a while, possibly till Summerslam comes.

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It is obvious, that The WWE no longer wants Triple H and Stephanie McMahon in their leadership role so Vince McMahon stated on WWE RAW last week that if Triple H is defeated by Shane in their match, Triple H and Stephanie has to leave WWE.

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It seems that Triple H will miss some shows after WrestleMania if the company does not renew his contracts. But could this truly be the end of career for these superstars? We definitely can’t tell but we hope Triple defeats Shane McMahon so his contract can be renewed. I believe you hope so too? So, this is not a farewell to Triple H.