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Triple H has been very handy to the development of the WWE NXT in the past few years, no one could dispute that – the guy knows the job, hence the WWE’s developmental territory — has been an incredible feeder system for the main roster.

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You may want to argue that they are not building top Superstars from scratch, yes, especially because most of the talents they sign are already established independent wrestlers who are just waiting for the right push, but that’s not all that it is about the success of wrestling especially when NXT is involved.

The WWE RAW and SmackDown live are wonderful places to be for every wrestler; hence the company needs potential male or female stars to perfect their skills before they are promoted to either one of the brands in the main roster.

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Triple H is the man in-charge, he put so much fire on these new signees from other companies and eventually they get called up to the main roster, but just in few weeks, these Superstars are down, their enthusiasm take a down slide as their fire quenched.
Vince McMahon killed stars, and Triple H real name, Paul Levesque, is not happy about it; he’s currently frustrated with WWE chairman Vince McMahon.

According to Pro Wrestling Torch, Triple H feels all his efforts for several months, perhaps years of hard work down in NXT is being wasted by Vince McMahon especially when stars are under booked after being promoted to the main roster.

As at the time of reporting, there are no official submission yet as regards what Triple H might do concerning his frustration neither are there any reactions yet from Vince McMahon but we shall keep you posted should any thing comes up.