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It was reported yesterday that The Revival had been requesting their release from the WWE following frustration with the way they’ve been booked. Fans expected the Top Guys to join All Elite Wrestling, and it seems the promotion may have let the cat out of the bag with a giant tease.

The Revival has been in a sort of war with The Elite for years now. For many episodes of the group’s “Being The Elite” web series, you’d hear Cody Rhodes, Matt or Nick Jackson exclaim, “F— The Revival!”

Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson eventually took the phrase and turned it into their own hashtag, #FTR for “Forever The Revival.” The former NXT Tag Team Champions and the Young Bucks have teased the wrestling world many times about a possible match in the future. However, with the Bucks opting not to sign with the WWE last year, many felt that it was, and would only ever be a dream match.

When Cody and the Bucks started their own promotion, All Elite Wrestling, however, fans wondered if The Revival or other misused superstars might jump ship. Well, it looks like AEW just gave that answer away on their Facebook page.

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While it was recently confirmed that The Revival has indeed asked for their release, we now know that their next destination will be All Elite Wrestling. AEW teased the news last night on their Facebook page, with a gif of Cody drinking coffee under the caption, “Say Yeaaaah”.

It looks like, if they can manage to get free, The Top Guys will be Out and looking for competition in AEW.

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Along with the Revival, Mike and Maria Kanellis have also reportedly asked for their releases from the WWE. It seems that superstars who aren’t exactly happy with their role in the company may see All Elite Wrestling as a new haven for them.

For fans of Dawson and Wilder, this may be a good move, as they’ve been heavily mishandled on the flagship show Monday Night Raw. Jumping ship to wrestle The Young Bucks may just be the perfect choice for them.